WoT4 Records has been going along quietly since 1999. We don’t have any stars on the label just ordinary punters who are doing their thing.
We have sampled just about everyone from the Pope including blow job (not the new nazi version) and added. To Maurizio Costanzo famous italian Masonic TV show presenter .
We did Luther Blissett “The Open Pop Star” featuring Merzbow the man himself.
Our latest releases are Deadburger (Italy), FCKN BSTRDS (NL) and Electrik@L (UK) a five piece band from Brighton England:In the future we will only release one DVD, next up in very late 2005 Masonic Youth (Hondenkoekjesfabriek) Conspiracy Doom Core, (I promise that we are not obsessed and will quit with esoteric shit asap).
Then in spring 2006 “What ever Happened to Luther Blissett”, 10 Year anniversary DVD. In 2007 we will release the long awaited “Granmaleducato” DVD a complete Tuscan corruption DVD with film and music and loads of info about the rampant corruption under the 60 year Communist regime.

T Shirts

Yo’ here we are with the brand new Wot4 / Toscana Massonica T shirt collection.
Sure we ain’t go nothing against Freemasons anyone knows they are just a bunch of good honest christians doing their charity work. The same can be said for the International Rotarians, Rotary Club, Lions Club, The Knights of Malta, Club Unesco and the wholeUnited Masons possee (UN) with all these good folks busy doing charity work you could ask the question, like how comes the world is such a fucked up place, but why bother asking any questions, just watch TV and drink plenty of alcohol and life will pass by nice and easy unless of course you live in the so called developing world.
We ain’t got nothing against the Mafia with out all there well laundered funds Italians would not have progressed to a third world country where everyone dresses as film stars. So why Toscana Massonica, cos it always has been and I’m a good dutch capitalist who would do anything for a fast buck and sell his grandmother for..... well what are you offering?
I also got bored looking at all the kids wearing Nike or other crap corporate logo’s so here's my suggestion for an alternative to all that hoo haa.