WoT4 indeed .

WoT 4 Records came into being in 1997 just around the time that the borders were coming down in Europe , freedom of movement an all that hoo haa .
The label's first aim was to survive and nothing much has changed in two years .
Our first release was "Aliens in Roma" which as the title suggests was a CD compiled in Rome featuring various, mostly un heard of, radical romans .
One of the trax was based on a poem by Remo Remotti which slagged off Rome for being corrupt and lacking any kind of Social Justice . Although it also comes across in the poem just how much Remotti loves Rome. In October 1998 "Blob" a satirical news production team on RAI2 TV used it as the sound track for a video they had made to celebrate the failure of Prodi and the tenth million Italian government since the war .

A year later came "Aliens 2" with the pope sample / Blow Job used by swish jeans for their 1999 fashion show in milan. Big controversy in the italian press and a lot of upset christians P2 etc etc .

Another year goes and Into the new (big) one with Luther Blissett and the "Open Pop Star" it seems that our whole approach to live on the planet has been going badly wrong since the Industrial revolution perhaps long before that . The main problems seems to be greed so few own so much . We need to have a radical look at the way we are running tings perhaps some different ways of thinking about alternative life styles.
Luther Blissett is certainly different perhaps he knows some of the answers needed to RECLAIM the Planet .

When Surya Emissions CD is released on June 21st we will have notched up a dozen releases, so we are now going for the bakers !
The idea behind WoT 4 is to be free of any kind of restriction such as being limited to certain types of music, styles or trends . CD's are info carriers you can put what you like on them .So in future all WoT4 CD releases will be CD extra with some kind of artwork/ video's /performance art/ multi media/ and any other shit we find to stick on board Being a Euro lable we would like to collaborate with artists from all over Europe . Next up at the end of the summer will be an Ambiental CD "Granmaleducato" (a piss take of "The Granducato") with this CD you can bring the magic of Tuscany into your own home .. sorry about that .. no really it will be a cracking CD and will upset a gang of creeps who are currently running things in Tuscany (55 years in the saddle).
The sound track will be either from tuscan folk or people living in the region , absolutely no Hooray Henrys . + 300 MB of ROM with photo's , video's art and animation all from Tuscany some of it very controversial information regarding the terrible state of the enviroment and who's responsible
WoT4 records